Life Gardens

Providing life-saving food & water to 200 families


The Need

2 billion people – including 33% of children – aren’t getting enough life-giving nutrients to reach their full potential and fight disease.

The problem is “hidden hunger” — a chronic lack of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients only whole foods can deliver. Hidden hunger shows up when the first priority is to get food in bellies, and “nutrition” means meal after meal of processed, white grains and corn.

Hidden hunger keeps people from escaping extreme poverty. It causes kids to miss school. It prevents adults from working when they’re chronically ill. And it orphans too many children.

Until now, a nutrient-dense diet has seemed out of reach for the poor.

But with Life Gardens, anyone can grow health.

The Solution

How do we tackle hidden hunger?

Simply, through Life Gardens.

Thrive trains and equips people to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods and medicinal plants. With knowledge, simple tools, and starter seeds, people who can’t afford to buy healthy food can grow their own – sustainably.

We call these projects Life Gardens because growing health is the first step to a thriving life.

Will You Help?

Everyone deserves the chance to develop, grow strong and flourish. You can give someone the knowledge, skills and tools to grow nutrition for a lifetime.



Give four families the seedlings that will grow into a green paradise of medicine and vegetables.

Garden Tools


Give a family the shovels, wheelbarrows etc. that they need to grow nutritious food for their children. In small villages, most family gardens are enough to help neighbors eat well too.

Grow For A Village


Many villages have a large plot of land available for a cooperative garden that will easily feed the village. Often there is so much food that widows are able to take the extra crops to nearby markets and provide for their families.

  Yes I want to feed a starving family!

Special Notes

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Special Notes

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You can donate via direct deposit to our bank account:

BANK: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB: 06 2595

ACCOUNT NO: 1050 7656

If you make a deposit, send us an email at so we can provide you with a tax receipt.