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2021 Mid Year Report

Hi friends of Impact Nations,
As we approach the end of this financial year, we reflect on the ongoing commitment and hard work of our partners around the world. Lives have been changed, hope has been given and people have been rescued.
Your prayer and financial support continues to contribute to make this happen.
Impact Nations Australia update:

INA continues to regularly send finances direct to our partners in the Philippines so they can give food and water filters to those in need. This will often mean the team go on a small boat for 1-2 hours then hike into the mountains to small isolated villages. Through typhoon season and COVID, the work does not stop.
Here are a few photos sent from our partners in the Philippines.

Impact Nations International update:

Through the generous donations via INA or direct to INI, many needs have been met to help people in desperate situations.
Here are some more highlights from 2021:

• Provided for the medical expenses of 100 pregnant teens in Uganda. (From Survive to Thrive)
• Provided 20 oxygen concentrators to open a COVID relief clinic in India.
• Provided 41,667 meals in Nepal.
• Provided 16,800 meals to School of Purpose families.
• Provided 186,400 meals to the Kyakka II refugee settlement in Uganda (Easter).
• The Elevate program now has their very own building which will allow them to expand their operations and impact.

Here are a few photos from the many projects that Impact Nations is currently supporting.
For more details you can check out the Impact Nations website.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Dear friends of Impact Nations Australia.

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Impact Nations Australia to give you an update on what has been happening during this difficult time.

You may not be aware, but a team came back from the Philippines just in time to go into ‘lockdown’ in Australia, which was truly a blessing as everyone at that time didn’t really know what or how Covid-19 was going to affect the world. Read More