Providing victims of sexual abuse with medical care.


In Uganda, girls as young as 13 are subject to the horrors of family abuse, rape, and forced prostitution.

In a shame based culture, when the truth comes to light, these girls often find themselves homeless and in desparate need of medical care.

Pregnant, Broken, Afraid

The pandemic has left young girls trapped in their homes with dangerous predators who are abusing them at an unprecedented rate. The need is urgent as the situation grows worse every day. But our friends at The Remnant Generation are determined to intervene. They have set a goal to rescue 100 pregnant teens this year, but they need your help.

Survive to Thrive

Your gift will begin a process that will include three key steps:

Medical care that ensures a young mother and her baby survive.

Skills and business training that will help these mothers become self-sustained.

Ongoing mentorship, coaching, and either a small loan or job placement to help the young family thrive.

Project Updates

  • Read more about lives that are being changed...
      • Mom at 14

        We received Brenda a 14-year-old teen mom through the Lubaga Hospital teen safe space. She was defiled by a neighbour who kidnapped, abused and abandoned her in an unfinished building in their neighbourhood. He threatened to harm her should she reveal what had happened to her. Brenda was in shock and did not tell her Auntie whom she lived what had happened to her, afraid that the perpetuator would kill her as he had warned. What she did not know was that she had conceived as a result of this incident, and of course, one cannot hide a pregnancy forever.

        When our team was called to support her, Brenda was weeping painfully; she was depressed and was struggling to accept that she was pregnant. She refused to eat as an attempt to end her life. Brenda needed counselling and mental health support. Even though the perpetrator was imprisoned and her case is being pursued, Brenda’s life was being threatened. She needed a place where she could feel safe, protected and loved.

        After a series of counselling sessions and specialized care to for Brenda, she accepted her baby and even began to look forward to holding him in her arms. She had her antenatal care reviews until she was 35 weeks along, when she got preterm labour pains. On October 13th, Brenda underwent an emergency caesarean section and gave birth to a baby boy – she named him “Joy”.

        At birth, Joy was in foetal distress. Joy was asphyxiated with a very low oxygen score of of 4/10 and weighed 2.6kgs (5.7lbs). He was rushed to the neonatal unit in a critical condition where he spent 4 days. They were later discharged in a fairly good condition. One week later, however, Joy’s condition worsened and he was readmitted because he was still having difficulty breathing. After 3 days of close monitoring and regular tests, results indicated that the baby’s heart had a small PDA. According to the cardiologist, this should close by the time he makes 3 months, but we were advised that if it fails to close then surgical measures will be taken. Brenda is grateful as she testifies that it could have been a life lost if we did not intervene. She says

        “I am forever grateful that The Remnant Generation saved my baby and I.”

        Brenda is a strong girl and she loves her baby very much. Baby Joy is still in hospital. It costs about $57 per day for the medications, special tests, and general facilitation for our nurse and teen mom while in hospital. Join us in believing for complete healing.

        • Six Months Pregnant

          When her mother discovered that Pasha was pregnant at 12 by her stepfather, she got Pasha an abortion and abandoned all three children to their grandfather. When we met her at age 14, she was complaining of terrible abdominal pain. Pasha assumed this was because they hadn't eaten in three days. Their grandfather was upset ofer their cost of living and had kicked them out of the house.

          Pasha is now six months pregnant. After being reunited and accepted by her biological father, her suicidal tendencies have ended and she found forgiveness for her mother and grandfather. Pasha is now able to express herself, socialize with her colleagues, and smiles often.

          Read the full report now

  • Rescued to Rescuer

    Robinah's story is an inspiration to more than just the girls she is teaching every day. The Impact Nations family is inspired to rescue 100 girls like Robinah this year.

    • 2020 In Review

      2020 was an incredible year at The Remnant Generation. They never gave up in the face of lockdown and found creative new ways to continue serving their community. From a mobile School of Purpose to new hospital partnerships, this year was packed with innovation and impact.

      Read the full report now.

      • Saving Praise

        Our partners at The Remnant Generation recently sent us this story of rescue...

        Praise is a 14-year-old teen pregnant mom who was 36 weeks and staying at the shelter. On a given day outside her usual antenatal review days, she presented with bleeding; a condition in late pregnancy known as Antepartum Hemorrhage and on examination by the midwife at Maisha-in-house clinic, there was a low and hard to hear fetal heart.

        The midwife rushed her to Lubaga hospital Teen mom with her baby while in nursery unit where the scan showed that the placenta was covering the whole cervix, a deadly condition known as Placenta Previa grade 4. (Person can’t deliver normally with it) This called for an emergency C/Section delivery to save the life of our dear teen mom. The gynecologist had anticipated doing a total hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) due to how severe the situation looked but from theatre, he realized it could be resolved and thus this saved our girl’s uterus meaning she still has chances to carry life.

        Fortunately, she gave birth to alive baby boy. The baby weighed 2.52kgs; scored 8/10 at zero minute of life and the uterus remained intact after the operation. The baby was rushed to Nursery due to prematurity and Respiratory Distress. Nevertheless, we thank God that both the mother and the baby came out alive with the Uterus intact and nothing removed. Currently both mother and child have healed; baby is able to breastfeed outside the nasal tubes and both in a good condition and thriving well.

        • Heroes in Health

          "Lubaga Hospital has decided to take this partnership a notch higher and have opened up a special area for pregnant teenage girls, assigned particular nurses and midwives to take care of them, provided a free ambulance to come to pick them from our shelter, and capped all their fees at a very minimal amount regardless of whether it's a c-section or whether there are other complications that require further expertise.

          They will also provide a private room so the girls are shielded from the prying eyes and wagging tongues of in the maternity wards... And this is not just for the girls from The Remnant Generation, but for all the other teenage girls within the community who come to the hospital.

          Additionally, The Remnant Generation has been nominated in the Heroes In Health Awards 2020 Awards in the categories of Maternal health & child health care and Our Health Officer, Ruth Namubiru Mugenyi was nominated for Nurse of the year!"


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