Building for the Future


Working to rescue, restore & empower survivors of sexual abuse and teen moms so they can thrive according to God’s plan for their lives.

Step 1: RESCUE

Thousands of teen girls are at risk of abuse or child marriage every year.

When girls as young as 14 find themselves shunned, rejected and abandoned by their entire community after discovering that they are pregnant, The Remnant Generation provides free medical care and counseling.

Our team walks beside these girls all the way through delivery and recovery, paying for every medical cost and providing the support and counseling needed for survival.


Whether a girl is recovering from delivery, or escaping the terrifying prosect of child marriage, the Remnant Generation's School of Purpose teaches each girl marketable skills.

When a girl graduates from the School of Purpose, she has the skills she needs to support herself and her young children. Some choose to find consistent employment while others launch their own small businesses.


Since 2017, over 2,000 girls have graduated from the School of Purpose.

In 2022 alone, 862 young women graduated from the skilling program. A number of these girls have decided to start business groups through which they are currently producing products for sale and sharing profits.

  • 425 girls have started a total of 17 Business Clubs this year.
  • 40% of graduates from our Eight Month Vocational Course found immediate employment.
  • 60% of graduates are thriving as they continue their pre-employment internships

A Vision for 2023

Building Success

As the School of Purpose has grown, we have run out of classroom space. We currently have an office space beside our shelter. Many of our offices have been converted to classrooms but this is creating issues for both learners and staff.

In 2023, we plan to provide our eight month intensive training to hundreds of girls at our primary location. In order to do this, we need to build a proper Classroom Block. Not only will this new building allow us to take in more students and provide higher quality training without interruptions, it will also provide a small showroom from which girls can begin to sell their products.

We also intend to build a new bathroom facility for the students. The current restrooms are small, old, and face ongoing maintenance challenges. As more students are joining our program, the facility has become entirely insufficient. Our vision in everything to to make these girls feel like a princess. They are infinitely more valuable than they have ever been told and we want to reinforce this by providing a clean and enjoyable environment.

Furthermore, these new facilities will assist in our application for accreditation with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT).

Lyantonde Expansion

The Remnant Generation has been serving women in Lyantonde district for three years now. However, the vast distances between medical and professional centers makes it extra challenging for women to escape abuse and survive complications during pregnancy. This year, The Remnant Generation's impact will be multiplied!

A Proper School

We aim to establish a new School of Purpose location to serve the women of Lyantonde right where they live. This new center will occupy our existing property in Lyantonde, providing space for an additional 100 women to attend our Eight Month Vocational Course, resulting in full-time employment for hundreds of young women in the coming years.

Brand New Clinic

The new center will also house a brand new medical clinic. With a dedicated nurse, this clinic will provide high quality medical care to students and community girls for free. This free care will save the lives of hundreds of girls and their babies who cannot afford to set foot in a hopital.

Private Ambulance

With medical care hours away, cases that require intensive care often don't make it to a hospital in time. This is the most painful part of our team's job. A brand new ambulance will give these girls and their babies a much faster transport time and will save lives.

Personal Impact

In addition to a new building, a new campus, and an ambulance, The Remnant Generation will rescue over 5000 women and their babies throughout 2023!

They Started a Piggery

Near the end of the 2022 season, a small group of girls in the Community Skilling Program took the business strategies they learned in the School of Purpose and pooled their resources to purchase a pregnant pig. This blossoming Business Club has learned to raise, breed, and sell pigs! The new piggery will provide for their families and they have offered to teach other Business Clubs what they have learned about this unique business.

The School of Purpose teaches more than just a skill. The Alternativ business curriculum is integrated into each course. Designed specifically for illiterate students, this proven program teaches everything a girl needs to start her own business. From budgeting and saving to market research and marketing, our graduates are well prepared to launch their own enterprise.

The Vision Explained

Buying A Private Ambulance

In the rural community of Lyantonde, we have established a clinic that provides ultrasounds and other basic prenatal care. We also work closely with nearby government hospitals to help provide basic labor and delivery services. But sometimes these mothers and their babies need more advanced care.

If more advanced care is needed, the nearest pediatric hospital is a full two hour drive away. Currently, this hospital has only one ambulance that is shared by four regions. Due to the lack of resources, we lost 11 babies in 2022 alone simply because we couldn’t immediately provide the advanced medical attention they urgently needed.

That’s why we are asking for your help to fund the purchase of a new ambulance. Together, we will save the lives of many mothers and newborns in need of urgent and advanced medical attention.

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